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This website represents the more than 50 years of research involved in searching for our ancestors from Ireland.  This study was begun during an assignment in Korea by my dad in the 1950s.  In the 1990s, he passed this on to me and with the assistance of the internet, tremendous resources have been made available without having to make trips for days or weeks to New York City and other places.
This web site is under constant development.  It is updated periodically to reflect new information that has been uncovered and determined to be historically accurate as it appears in this family line.
Click on the menu to the left of each page to navigate around the web site.  Clicking "UP" will take you to the parent level for the files you are looking at.  Clicking "HOME" will return you to this page.
There are several other family surnames that are being researched.  As they are developed, they will be added to the website and links will be added below to navigate to the other surnames.

Please email me at the address below if you have questions or additional information.

January 2011 - I have begun to redo this web site and placed the file on a new server. Please keep checking back as I update things.

Prepared by:

John C Hannigan
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